We strive to educate, and to promote the advancement of human rights, minority rights, and basic democratic principles in Lebanon and the Middle East.

We also strive for the study of important political, social and economic issues which affect Lebanon and its people and the peoples of the Middle East.

We promote the benefits of adopting and living in a democratic society, patterned after Western World democracies such as the United States Of America.

We vow to do this through the use of radio, television, newspaper and magazine articles, and all other forms of print media and via the Internet, regarding the status of matters important to the people of Lebanon and the Middle East .

We will offer lectures, public exhibits, meetings open to the public at large, classes, and conferences designed to provide education about the need for charitable support and basic humanitarian services for the people of Lebanon and the Middle East.

We will also provide financial assistance and other incentives to students from very low income families to further their education, so that such students may attain a higher education at the college or university of their choice.

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Lebanese for Lebanon Foundation

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